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General Information:

In 2011, a $1.9 million grant was awarded to the University of Colorado Denver from the federal Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition to design high quality professional learning for educators of multilingual students, particularly in content classrooms such as mathematics and science. This project, eCALLMS (PR Award # T365Z110177), created 33 eWorkshops and ended in August 2016.

In September 2016, a $2.7 million grant was awarded to the University of Nebraska Lincoln to continue working with the eWorkshops. The new project, ICMEE (PR Award # T365Z160351), expanded access to the existing eWorkshops to at least 10 new states (and around 4000 teachers), designed more eWorkshops for varying groups of educators (administrators, school psychologists, etc.) and researched the impact and outcomes of eWorkshop participation. ICMEE ended in August of 2021, but we are still offering our eWorkshops through structured opportunities like that available during Spring 2023.

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